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Company Name: Hydronix Water Technology
Price: $28 000,00

Hydronix water Technology provides complete whole house water filtration systems. We have a top quality water filter for home with assurance of best quality. We have basic water filtration system to advanced level RO Plants for home. We always ensure you to provide best Drinking water systems for home, office, hotels, restaurants, schools, colleges and all sectors where pure drinking water needs. We always try to provide best quality water filtration systems to our customers. For maintaining the quality of Water filters and RO Plants we did not have any direct dealer or reseller in Pakistan. Company directly provides you best drinking water systems for home.

Hydronix water technology design best water Filter in Lahore Pakistan. If you want to buy a best water filter for home, you need some water tests. It is recommended that please check your water before selecting or buying a water filter.

There are many tests of water. But for basic you need to know TDS of your water. TDS stands for Total Dissolved solids. When you test your water and know the exact value of you drinking water TDS. Then it is easy to choose best water filter for your home.

There are two types of water filters available in market for home and office use. One is Water filtration system, and other is RO Plant.

If your drinking water system is below 500 TDS then you can use a basic water filter for your home. If your drinking water TDS is up to 500 then you can use RO Plant for you home drinking purpose. You can use a handy TDS meter to check or you can test you water from any water testing Laboratory. To buy a Handy TDS Meter CLICK HERE.

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