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Company Name: WATEQ - Water Technology Equipment

WA-TEQ is active in the field of Water & Waste water, pumping solutions, flow control & monitoring, with two departments; whole & retail sales in addition to the projects department. Our products groups: 1) Screenings Equipment (Multi Rack bar screens, Rotary Drum Screens, Belt Screens, Step Screens and Basket Screens) 2) Pumping equipment: (Domestic usage pumps, Water treatment, Pumping station, Industrial pumps.) 3) Flow control: (Valves, Penstocks, Flaps, Weirs, Strainers) 4) Aeration Equipment: (Fine & Coarse Bubble Diffusers, Aerators & Jet Aerators and Air Blowers). 5) Scraper bridge and clarifiers: (Longitudinal scraper bridge silting, Air-lift sand remover, Coanda effect plant-screw sand remover and Screw sand remover) 6) Air and Odor Treatment: (Activated Carbon, Biofilter, Chemical Scraper). 7) Grinders and Macerators. 8) Instrumentation and laboratory: (Flow meters, level sensors, pressure transmitters, water analysis). 9) Accessories (Pressure gauge, Water level gauges, Joints and Compensators, Couplings, GRP Profiles/Gratings and covers)

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