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Company Name: REDA water & chemicals

More About Our Company.

REDA water group for water treatment and environment technologies One of The leader company in water treatment technology in Egyptian market that Delivers Latest Technology and innovation Water Solutions We Design, supply, installation & commissioning of: Sewage treatment plants Tertiary treatment Industrial wastewater treatment plants – DAF Industrial wastewater treatment plants – Clarifiers Deminerization, softening and disinfection. Drinking Water Plants Desalination Plant – Ro Plant Agricultural wastewater treatment. Leachate treatment plants 2- Electromechanical works for Sea water and brackish water reverses osmosis RO plants including sand filters, cartridge filters, RO skids, pumps and blowers. 3- Wastewater treatment WWTP plants including screens, grit and grease removal bridges, clarifiers, sludge thickeners and sludge dewatering unit. 4- Replacement, renovation and maintenance of water treatment units. 5- Provide the necessary water treatment chemicals and follow-up treatment for customers. F) Other Equipment & Systems INDUSTRIAL REVERSE OSMOSIS SYSTEMS DEMINERALISATION SYSTEMS WATER BOILERS (Steam Boilers -Fired Boilers-Non IBR Boilers) WATER SOFTENING SYSTEMS UV DISINFECTION SYSTEMS ION EXCHANGE SYSTEMS ULTRA FILTRATION SYSTEMS ELECTRODIALYSIS REVERSAL SYSTEMS NANO FILTRATION SYSTEMS.

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Phone: 01099989667

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